DogDynamics Harnesses

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🐕💖Get this Ease Walk Harness & Leash to walk your dog with ease!!

Please MEASURE your pet by refering to our Size Guide which has a measuring tape and refer to our sizing chart for the best fit before ordering.

Innovative design: Revolutionizing dog walks with our Innovative All-in-One Dog Harness and Retractable Leash. Engineered for safety, this unique harness features an automatic system that gently but effectively prevents your dog from rushing into crowds, ensuring a serene walking experience. The leash smartly retracts into its housing with a soft release, offering convenience at your fingertips. Embrace the freedom of hands-free ease and let your dog explore joyfully and securely.

Enhanced Safety with Our Advanced Device System: Our leash features a    cutting-edge automatic locking mechanism, inspired by the mechanical design of car seat belts. This system includes sophisticated damping devices to absorb tension and minimize jerking, ensuring smoother handling. The lock activates instantly when your dog lunges, maintaining a secure distance of 30cm. This innovative approach guarantees both safety and comfort, keeping you and your dog securely connected at all times.

Discover our Comfort-Fit Breathable Harness: Designed with four adjustable elastic straps for a perfect fit, it's made from durable nylon, waterproof fabric, and gentle sandwich mesh to protect your dog's skin. Featuring strong metal loops for added durability and easy leash attachment, this harness is ideal for growing dogs, ensuring comfort and security on every walk.

Innovative Anti-Twist Feature: Our leash is expertly designed to maintain tension and alignment, positioned above the dog's back for optimal control. Unlike traditional leashes, it retracts smoothly and consistently when released, thanks to extensive testing and refinement. This ensures flexible stretch without the risk of entangling your dog's legs, providing a worry-free, twist-free walking experience.

Durability Assured: Our leash extends up to 4.26 feet and has been rigorously tested in the lab for tensile strength. Available in sizes M (16-33lbs), L (33-55lbs), and XL (55-77lbs), it can withstand a force of up to 90 kg. This impressive strength is sufficient to tow a 1-ton truck, showcasing the leash's exceptional durability and reliability.


1* Dog Harness and Retractable Leash Set All-in-One

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