Ice Silk Quilt

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Indulge in luxury as you sink into the soft, silky embrace of our Ice Silk Quilt. The sheer comfort and opulence redefine your sleep experience, making each morning a joy to wake up to.

Main features

Cooling feeling: Thanks to the special cooling fabric that can absorb body heat, this duvet keeps you cool and comfortable without making you sweat. You will wake up rested, fresh, comfortable and dry.

Smooth filling: The silk filling is hand-pulled layer by layer using traditional Chinese technique and hand-sewn to avoid slipping, and is fluffy and soft.

Machine Washable: The quilt is easy to clean and maintain, making it a good choice for busy households. Suitable for all ages and skin types: It is hygroscopic, well ventilated and quick drying. It will not cause skin problems and is suitable for hot sleep and night sweats, suitable for all seasons



Material: Polyester Fiber Size:150*200CM 200*230CM

Color: Dark Gray/Blue/Khaki/Green/Light Gray Style

Lightweight Printing and dyeing: reactive printing and embroidery


Package contains

1*Summer simple ice silk duvet

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